Meet Meghan

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TALENT FIRST CONSULTING is a boutique consulting company focused on helping growing organizations achieve their strategic goals through their people. Talent is an organization’s most important resource.  They drive your organization’s success.  Are YOU putting your talent first?

At Talent First Consulting, we believe every person has the potential to be a high performer given the right resources, structure, and leadership.  That is the approach we take when we work with our clients.  We go to your people first to find out what they need to help the organization grow and be successful.

About Meghan Roberts
Meghan Roberts is a Consultant and Coach with 18 years of experience in designing and implementing training and development programs that drive organizational results.   She is highly successful in foreseeing future needs, diagnosing problems and creating solutions that work and stick.  Meghan has worked across several different industries and sectors including management consulting, non-profit, publishing and healthcare.

An educator.  Meghan has designed and delivered countless development programs that drive organizational results including programs on interpersonal skills, leadership development, team building, consulting, and coaching.

A fixer.  Got a talent problem? As a former HR Executive for a “Best Place to Work”, Meghan tackled common organizational problems including low engagement, lack of leadership pipeline, team performance issues, and team dysfunction to name a few!  Like an iceberg, not all problems are easy to see from the surface.  Meghan uncovers the root causes and creates custom solutions for your organization and culture.

A planner. Got an eye for the future?  So does Meghan.  You may not have a talent problem now, but if you have goals that require your talent to do something, you should start planning how you will equip them for the future. Your talent is the key to achieving your long-term goals. Do you know what they need to be successful?  Meghan can help identify the critical knowledge, skills, and motivators to get the job done and close the gaps before they impact your bottom line.

Do you believe that your talent is your most important resource in achieving your organization’s big strategic goals?  If yes, let’s connect. 

Meghan Roberts holds a Masters in Adult Learning and Organizational Development from Temple University and is a certified Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) and DISC Facilitator.   She is the Founder and CEO of Talent First Consulting.