Getting Your Money’s Worth: 7 Ways to Use Personality Assessments at Work

Getting Your Money’s Worth: 7 Ways to Use Personality Assessments at Work


Are you considering using personality assessments at work, but having a hard time justifying the cost?  I get it.  Your training dollars are limited and you want to make sure you get a lot of bang for your buck.  Here are 7 ways to use personality assessments in the workplace as part of your talent development strategy.

  1. Setting New Teams Up for Success – Casey Stengel, former baseball manager, once said “Getting good players is easy.  Getting them to play together is the hard part.” Imagine, a new team is formed and tasked with this HUGE, IMPORTANT goal. Each team member is the best in their line of work.  BUT, they have never worked together.  They don’t know each others’ preferences for working, communicating, or decision-making.  They don’t know anything about each other yet they will be expected to do amazing things by working together…. What could possibly go wrong??  PLENTY! Personality assessments are a valuable tool in understanding, appreciating, and valuing different work styles so team members can be successful as ONE, UNIFIED team versus a group of talented individuals.  Read more here.
  2. Improving Individual Performance.  Do you want to improve your game?  Well, like Socrates said, “Know thyself”.  To be your best, you first need to understand where your start line is.  What are your strengths?  What are your challenges?  What drives you?  What scares you?  A personality profile helps you to identify all of these thereby increasing your self-awareness.  I like to partner personality assessments with 360 feedback to validate strengths and challenges and identify development opportunities.   To improve your game, you need to know where you naturally excel, where you don’t, and how to mitigate potential pitfalls on your path to success.  A personality profile can provide these insights and serve as a helpful platform for coaching discussions.
  3. Leading Others for Success – When you become a leader, your focus shifts from yourself to your team.  Instead of you being the sole contributor, you now need to get results through others.  It sounds easy, but ask anyone who has led a team and they will tell you that it’s difficult!  Many times, instead of giving our team what THEY need to be successful, we give them what WE need. Hey, it worked for us!  But we are not all the same.  People are driven by different things and look at the world through different lenses.  Personality assessments help us understand each team member’s “lens”.  From this lens, the assessment identifies how to BEST communicate, coach and develop, and motivate them for the best results.
  4. Career Development – Use personality profiles to help others understand how they approach work in their current role and how their style can drive or derail their success.  You can also use it to identify development for future roles.  For example, if you are an introverted, analytical thinker who loves details and systems, and you want to eventually move into sales next year, where will you need to direct more energy and develop yourself?  How can others best coach and develop you so you can achieve your career goals?  Personality assessments help you identify potential gaps.
  5. Better Selling. Yep, personality profiles can help you improve your selling game.  By understanding and recognizing the different personality styles, you can quickly assess your buyer’s preferences and adjust your approach.  For example, if you are selling to a creative, expressive person, are you going to spend an hour going through ALL the functionality of your new software platform?  Probably not.  They will quickly tune you out.  Instead, talk to them about how excited their team will be about the amazing new features and provide a few highlights.
  6. Improved Communications and Influencing.     Improve your communications with others by understanding what each personality style is listening for when you talk.  Imagine you are out to dinner in a foreign country.  Everyone around you is speaking Italian.  You do NOT speak Italian, so it all sounds like background noise.  But then you hear English across the room.  What happens?  You ZERO in on that conversation.  You listen and you hear.  What if you could do this with others?  What if you could get them to REALLY listen to you?  Really HEAR your ideas?  Could you better influence them?  Of course!  Personality profiles can help you understand the different communication preferences and drivers so you can quickly identify style in the other person and adjust your approach as needed.
  7. Life and Personal Growth.  This one is a bit of stretch but stick with me.  Life is beautiful AND complex.  It can throw you some curveballs.  Even the everyday parts of life, like parenting, can be harder for certain styles.  Don’t believe me?  Google “introverted parenting“. We bring our whole selves to work and even those who are good at compartmentalizing can be thrown off by personal issues.   Personality profiles can help identify stress triggers and uncover why some things in life are easier to handle than others based on our style.  Awareness can lead to better self-management.  Better self-management can reduce stress, and reduction in stress can increase our overall happiness.  And a happy person at work is much better than a stressed out angry one.   Follow me?

Personality assessments can be a versatile and powerful tool in your organization’s talent development process when used correctly!  Selecting the right assessment and working with a certified facilitator is critical.  Want to learn more?  Email